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IMG_3347 copyHey there,

I decided to start a new blog. I’ve been bogged down with so much lately I decided a fresh start was a good idea. I felt like I’d hit a wall with my old blogs and they’d never really got off the ground. Then after some family problems and just generally feeling pretty low I started to have a bit of an identity crisis. I was questioning WHO I am, and WHY I do the things I do. So, this is my new blog to share ME. My creative projects, my thoughts and musings on life and whatever is going on.

Right now, I’m not all that fussed about promoting this blog or monetising. As you can see the design isn’t all that amazing at the moment. I just need an outlet and a place for my personal projects. I’m so busy right now though with work, family and uni that I really need to MAKE time to do things creatively for myself. It’s so important as someone who works in a creative industry that you also do creative things for yourself. I find myself getting bored and stifled easily so having personal projects helps to keep things exciting for me.

Maybe a 365 photography project could be good? I haven’t picked up my camera in weeks. I’ve been pretty depressed lately so maybe I could try out the 365 Grateful project. I’ll have to have think and I’ll let you know what I come up with.

Steffany xxx