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I’m feeling quite pleased with myself right now. After months of being afraid to do something, to try something new… I just got stuck in, got it done and actually did an OK job of it.

All too often in life we put things off through fear of the unknown. We skirt around things or procrastinate. We take an easier path because the one that seems complicated is just too hard and we don’t have the energy. Sound familiar?

Yesterday, after spending months stressing out about making this video for my motion graphics class at uni I decided that with a week left until deadline (YES A WEEK… talk about last minute) I should sit down and get it done. I’d got the rest of my work done bar a few tweaks here and there but I’d put this off because I was afraid to even open the software. It seemed overwhelming and I didn’t feel like I was prepared to take on more. So, while I had a day to myself, I sat down, went through my story boards and got started. It took a couple of attempts and I had to go back and make changes along the way but I’m actually pretty pleased with how this turned out for a first attempt. Conisdering, I’d never even used the software required to make this video properly before. (Adobe After Effects if you were wondering) We had to choose a classic font/typeface and create an animated video for it.

So, no it’s done! I’m feeling pretty accomplished. I’m hoping to get the rest finished and polished up over the weekend ready for submission early next week. Finally! I had to get an extension due to some health issues earlier on in the year and while all my friends have finished their second year I’ve been trying to find the motivation to get my work finished so that I can enjoy the rest of my summer without it looming over me. It’s my final year starting in September and it’s sooooo important that I give it my all, plus make sure I’m healthy enough to cope with the workload.

I’ll be adding my work to my academic blog over the next few days, so if you’ve even been curious about what kind of work is involved in getting a Graphic design degree, go take a look. In the mean time, take a look at my video and let me know what you think? I’m feeling inspired to incorporate more videos into my work now. Perhaps even create some vlogs. What do you think? That may help me get over my fear of public speaking at least. Let me know your ideas and feedback. It’s always welcome.

Have a great weekend.