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Starting up a business is an exciting thing, but for the newbie business owner it’s a minefield of new experiences, steep learning curve and doors being shut in your face. It’s definitely not something for the faint hearted. But along with all of that – you get to live your dream and be your own boss. You set your hours, choose what you do, and work doing something that you love – and not many people can say that. The excitement and will see you through a lot, however, you can’t just skate over the tricky thing, but you can manage them easily with a few handy hacks.

Touch base with professionals

You might not need them just yet, but getting in touch with things like banks, law firms and an accountancy will help you to establish those working relationships before you have a real need for them. Seek legal services from Slater Heelis about contracts and make a  good impression. The same can be said for asking for invoice advice from an accountant or opening a business bank account. Or even just discussing the possibility of opening one. This helps to initiate those relationships that could become so important in the future.

Draw lines and get a second phone

The importance of a work-life balance will become very clear very fast. It’s so easy to let your work life creep into your normal life – just a little email here, or a quick blog there… it will take over. Owning a second phone might seem like a needless expense, but it is a great way of keeping your work during business hours. Setting those boundaries early will really help as your business grows. And by choosing a phone like the Google Pixel, it’s already geared towards having all your major apps connected – making doing business so much easier.

Dress for the role

It doesn’t matter if you’re working out of your spare bedroom – or even out of your bedroom, you are the owner of a business, so dress like it. Sure you can sit and do your editing and planning in yoga pants, but meeting clients in person or through video chat, you need to look professional. You don’t have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, particularly if you won’t be meeting clients often, but have a few professional outfits ready to go at all times. A simple suit with a blouse and heels, a smart dress teamed with blazer, or a skirt set in a colour that isn’t black work perfectly.

Be confident always

It doesn’t matter if it’s day one and your pitching your idea for the first time – be confident. You are being brave enough to go for it and be live in both yourself and your idea, if that doesn’t make you feel confident then nothing will. There will always be people who try to belittle your idea, a lot of the time they’ll do it just because you’re new to this and they want a cheaper price to pay, but don’t let them win. You know your worth, so don’t let anyone try and pull you down.