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If you buy the first set of tyres you see, then you may fall foul of the law. Even if the tyres you purchase are perfectly legal to drive on, then it is still possible that they might not be the right ones for your driving style. Seeking guidance on selecting the best tyres for the amount of driving you do which also takes into account your budget is always advisable and most good tyre dealerships will be only too happy to help. What are some of the pitfalls you should try to avoid?

Part-Worn Tyres

Although there is nothing in UK law that says fitting second-hand tyres to your car is illegal, doing so with ones which have insufficient tread depth could land you in trouble with the police. To avoid this, it is best to avoid part-worn tyres altogether. Even ones which appear to be in good condition and which have a good level of tread depth still left may have other defects to worry about, such as sidewall damage which is very difficult to spot at first.

Incompatible Tyres

All four of your car’s tyres don’t need to be matching. That said, they must be compatible with the make and model of car that you happen to drive. If you don’t know whether a tyre is compatible or not, then you won’t know whether it is worth buying in the first place. If you buy your car tyres from Point S by clicking here, then all you have to do is to enter your registration number and all of the available tyres – and their prices – will be shown for you. Just click to reserve them for you at your local outlet.

Budget Tyres

Some people want to spend as little as possible on their tyres. There is nothing wrong with this approach but bear in mind that budget tyres will often not last as long as premium ones. If you do a lot of motorway miles, then it is often more cost-effective to buy more expensive tyres that stand up to greater punishment.

Winter Tyres

If you drive on high ground in winter, then winter tyres – which work better in snow and ice – are a good option. Bear in mind that they work perfectly well in the summertime, too. However, their rubber is specifically designed to offer better performance in sub-zero temperatures.