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2016-best-year-blog-postI am determined to make 2016 the best year ever. It’s going to be the year that my life completely changes and starts going the way that I want it to. It’s the time of year that most people are looking towards the next 12 months with enthusiasm and excitement. So, I’m sharing my top five tips to actually make sure that it happens.

Plan and Organise – I have a lot that I want to achieve this year. When there is so much going on in your life, it’s so easy for forget or neglect things. I went a little overboard with the planners (hello, my name is Steffany and I’m a stationery addict) But, each one is going to be used for a different purpose. I plan to make lists, organise my time better, write out my intentions so that they’re there in front of me everyday to make it easier for me to manifest what I want out of life. Everything is going to be written, documented and journaled. Ok, it may sound like a lot of hassle to some people so you don’t have to go as OTT as I am, but I really think that owning a planner or organiser really really helps. For me, I suffer from pretty serious anxiety. So I need a lot of structure in my life. Sometimes, I feel like my entire day needs to be written out on one long itinerary or I get stressed and flustered. With having more freelance work, university work, blogging and a business to run, not to mention track my moods and find ways to stay positive, all of these are going to be a huge help. Not only are they great though for organising your life, they’re amazing for planning adventures, writing bucket lists and jotting down your thoughts and dreams. Here are what I’m using (clockwise): 💖 Kikki-K Time Planner with custom made inserts for my  everyday organising. I keep lists of what I want to achieve and personal details. This design is no longer available but you can find other gorgeous planners on their site. 💖 Paper chase A5 planner I picked this up in the sale for an amazing £11, so it was kind of an impulse buy, but my friend Sophie got one too and we’re going to use them for our business planning. To organise shoots, makes notes of booking dates, track income etc. 💖 A4 desk Organiser Pad by Veronica Dearly This is last years design. Her new one is even prettier so I’m inspired to use this up. I usually plan my week on this and pin it to my notice board over my desk so everything is right there in front of me… all while looking fabulous. 💖 Happiness Planner 2016 This is a gorgeous way of tracking your goals and keeping track of your moods. I got this for my birthday in November and have been so excited about using it. It’s beautifully designed, and crammed with lots of inspiring quotes and ways to help you if you feel you need more happiness in your life. If you check out their site too, you can even try out their free printables before you splash out. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter too, which is guaranteed to inspire you throughout 2016. 💖 Bando 2016 Agenda This was another impulse buy. But just look at how pretty it is? I decided to use it for keeping track of uni stuff. I just love the layout and the designs. It even comes with a page of cute stickers. 💖 Leonie Dawson Shining Life & Biz Workbooks and Planner It’s my third year using these and they’ve been amazing. Last year I didn’t really finish my workbooks so I intend to really utilise them this year. The planner is a brand new edition and I’m smitten. They’re amazing for working through your goals and what you want to achieve. They help you let go of past negativity too which might be holding you back. They’re even available as a downloadable PDF so you can work on them on the go. 💖

January 2016-1

Learn a new skill – I think that in life we should constantly be learning new things and bettering ourselves. Why does education have to end when we leave school? With the internet too, learning has never been more available or easier. Want to take up knitting? There are literally thousands of tutorials on YouTube you could watch. Maybe you want you improve your photography skills? Search for some free tutorials. Photographer and all round lovely lady, Rosie Hardy has created some amazing tutorials if you want to take your photography to the next level. I’ve been watching them and they are fab!  Try to absorb as much information as you can. Lots of courses are even included in New Year sales so you don’t have to remortgage your house to learn something new.  Udemy are currently having a New Year sale and most of their courses are only £9 each. What a bargain! I’ve even signed up for a couple.


Take Care of Yourself – One of my biggest pitfalls is that I sometimes take on too much… which leads to feeling overwhelm… which then leads to complete meltdowns. Sometimes, you have to learn to say NO. Which is totally ok. Your physical and mental health have to be your number one priority in life. I never make a resolution to lose weight by going on some faddy diet or exercise x amount of times per week because I know I’ll never stick to it. Which just leads to feeling like a big failure. Instead, try to make a commitment to looking after yourself. Be more aware of what foods you’re putting into your body. Think about how it will fuel and energise you. Move around more, spend time outdoors. Try a new sport that you enjoy. Make it fun. There is no point punishing yourself for gaining a few pounds over the holiday season. It happens to everyone. Spend time alone occasionally, go out for coffee or to a gallery by yourself once in a while. Treat yourself how your would treat your best friend.

Spend Time With People Who Make You Happy – In other words, phase out the energy vampires. Anyone who makes you feel less than what you are, doesn’t respect or appreciate you, then try to spend as little time around those people as possible. If you want to get ahead in life, spend time with people who share your values, have similar goals or are already at a point in life that you aspire to be. Having a great circle or tribe is so important. With these people you can hold yourself accountable for your goals or go to them for inspiration or advice when you need it. If you have one person to be your 2016 accountability buddy, then thats even better because you can help each other be your best selves. Jim-Rohn-Quote

Stop Procrastinating – Ok, you’ve made your lists. You’ve chosen your tribe of inspiring people to spend the most time with, you’ve signed up for courses to improve your skills, you’ve even advertised your blog or your services on Facebook… now what? It’s easy. Go forth and be fabulous. Actually make an effort to do all those things you plan to do. I’ve been guilty of not following plans through. It just leads to feeling disappointed with yourself and sometimes even letting others down. If you want to get to December 2016 and think what an amazing year it is has been, its down to no one else but you to make sure that happens.

If you’ve found any of these tips helpful or have any of your own that might help. I’d love to know. Be sure to leave a comment.

Have a great year everyone.

*None of the above links are affiliates. I’m sharing purely out of love for these products. 

Title Image By Ian Schneider