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2016 Bucket List


Below are a list of 100 things I want to do in 2016.

  1. Make £20,000 from my own business.
  2. Photograph at least 10 weddings
  3. Plan my own wedding
  4. Travel to London
  5. Be healthier
  6. Visit a Library
  7. Complete an Art Journal
  8. Go Stargazing
  9. Ride a Rollercoaster
  10. Have a tech free day
  11. Buy a homeless person a meal
  12. Go on a boat
  13. Have a makeover
  14. Go glamping
  15. Get my driving licence
  16. Have my dream job
  17. Do one random act of kindness per day
  18. Look for miracles
  19. Tell myself everyday that I am beautiful
  20. Write letters to my friends
  21. Pull a tarot card every day
  22. Get pregnant
  23. Leave a note in a library book for a stranger
  24. Do something that scares you everyday
  25. Take a photograph every day
  26. Kiss under mistletoe
  27. Climb a mountain
  28. Have a day at the beach
  29. Go on a road trip
  30. Write a book (or at least start)
  31. Go abroad
  32. Graduate from university
  33. Get drunk
  34. Throw a party
  35. Buy a pair of white shoes and doodle all over them
  36. Go to Harry Potter studios in London
  37. Get a tattoo
  38. Celebrate Cinque de Mayo
  39. DIY something
  40. Be more positive
  41. Go on a spontaneous adventure
  42. Go to a casino dressed up like I belong in a James Bond movie
  43. Do Karaoke
  44. Beat my insecurities
  45. Practise self love
  46. Find three things to be grateful for each day
  47. Learn to Meditate
  48. Create sellable WordPress themes
  49. Have my work featured in a magazine or famous blog
  50. Go to a music festival
  51. Free write daily
  52. Start a savings account and put money in it
  53. Throw someone a surprise party
  54. Have a silly string fight
  55. Visit somewhere magical
  56. Meet someone famous
  57. Pull an all-nighter doing something fun
  58. Make a memory book
  59. Write a letter to myself to be opened in ten years
  60. Be more active
  61. Spend a day in a coffee shop
  62. Do a colour run
  63. Get a henna tattoo
  64. Go for a picnic
  65. Paint rocks
  66. Ride a bike
  67. Use a fake name at Starbucks
  68. Read at least one new book each month
  69. Make a mix tape
  70. Get a rose gold iPhone
  71. Go on “artist dates” alone
  72. Improve my coding skills
  73. Get a bear from Build-a-Bear Workshop
  74. Go to a fancy dress/masquerade ball
  75. Create some art
  76. Go to a midnight movie premier
  77. Plant some flowers
  78. Blog three times per week minimum
  79. Spend more time outdoors
  80. Visit somewhere completely new
  81. Go thrift shopping
  82. Read every book I own
  83. Have a spa day
  84. Say “Yes” to everything for a day
  85. Visit Norfolk (where I used to live)
  86. Go on a photography workshop (or arrange one)
  87. Learn calligraphy
  88. Give my home a make-over
  89. Own a successful business
  90. Create an e-course
  91. Improve my design skills
  92. Make jewellery
  93. Create a font
  94. Try food I’ve never eaten before
  95. Sort out my personal brand once and for all
  96. Start a newsletter
  97. Elope in secret
  98. Be on TV
  99. Spend a day in a coffee shop
  100. Tell my fiancé and daughter I love them every day.