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Are you looking to update your brand or your website? I’m here to help with everything from designing a new logo, setting up your WordPress and customising your site to reflect you and your work. I can also offer designs for print materials such as business cards, leaflets and flyers and media kits so you know that your whole brand is consistent and taken care of.  I love working with other creatives and the majority of my designs have been used for bloggers and small creative businesses such as photographers, jewellery designers, candle makers and foodies.

Instead of charging you by the hour, I charge for deliverables and give realistic time frames. I do this because the creative process cannot be confined to a few hours and some solutions may take a little longer to reach than others. My clients are also happy because they’re given a price up front and aren’t faced with any nasty surprises later.

Every job is different and some may require more work than others. Be sure to get in touch by filling in the form below for a personal quote.

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Happy with what you’ve seen so far? Drop me a line at

so that we can take things further. It would be fab if you could include information about you and your business, what it is you need, your budget and time frame. Also, I love Pinterest so feel free to send me any links to images or pins that inspire you.